Power Prophetic Revolution School

Power Prophetic Revolution School

Our mission is to spiritually uplift the world, and work towards a greater good by preaching the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth..

The purpose of the school is to provide sound Biblical and in-depth prophetic teachings and training for every call of God; especially Leaders in the house of God. The kingdom is big and has a lot of ministries in it, you can work out the reality through divine in-depth prophetic teachings and studies in diverse ways, with explanation and this will help you to manifest effectively, otherwise you may be playing religion but not the reality in the kingdom of God. The school is packed with divine special intensive deliverance grace; healing and breakthroughs are promised by the Most High God.

The teachings will help you to understand your dreams and visions, as we take you through the subjects, scripture by scripture; also you will be sensitive to the voice of God. The school is for both the young ones entering into the ministry and the one who is already in the ministry but didn’t understand certain things; or needs top-up-polish. The teaching will open your mind divinely, and the way to go about the kingdom work in general. Also you would be able to know the true men of God, the difference between sheep and goat and the true churches of God in this end time.

Life in the School

Students must be disciplined and humble under the laws governing the School. In class no communication; all phones must be put to silence or vibration.

Power Prophetic Revolution School

P.P.R.S. is free of charge, but you will pay for an admission form, which cost $25.00. In the school we use a card and at the completion of each course, you sit an exam. If you pass, you would be issued with a card showing that you qualify to enter the next stage. Every Saturday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. P.P.R.S. ‘‘we talk of spiritual, natural and physical.’’ .

To Empower the current generations with the divine and dynamic word of God even to the upcoming generations

Power Prophetic Revolution School is a place where the Captains and Marshals are trained


  • Heaven and Earth
  • Scripture Survey
  • Numeric Principles
  • Prophetic Demarcations
  • Spirit and Parables
  • Calling
  • Five-Fold Ministry
  • Prophecy
  • Six Influential Voices
  • Baptism
  • Prophetic School
  • Visions and Dreams
  • Demonology
  • Colors Manifestations
  • Apology
  • Family Demarcations
  • Garment for Ministry
  • Dangers in the Calling
  • The 3 Dimensions
  • Servantship